Virginia Tech HighTechs

The Virginia Tech HighTechs are among the most active and visible groups on campus - dancing on the sidelines at home football and basketball games, making public appearances at community events, and competing in the NCA/NDA College Cheer and Dance National Championships. The Varsity HighTechs dance for home football and men's basketball games while the Junior Varsity HighTechs dance at Women's basketball games and various soccer games. Both teams perform at numerous pep rallys and campus events throughout the year.

The HighTechs dance team consists of a group of young women who enjoy dancing, generating school spirit, and entertaining fans at Virginia Tech Intercollegiate Athletic events. The audience is treated to unique choreography that includes fast transitions, leaps, and turns. Their incredible timeout and half-time performances demonstrate a variety of styles, including jazz, pom, and funk.

Practice sessions focus on choreography, learning and perfecting various elite leaps, turns, and jumps. Members of the HighTechs are also encouraged to choreograph routines for performances and nationals. The HighTechs practice three times a week and are required to attend workouts with the strength and condition coach.

HighTech tryouts are held in mid-April and early September. Individuals making the team in April are required to attend NDA Camp in early August. Freshmen are eligible to make the Varsity team.