Virginia Tech Student-Athlete Pylons of Promise

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Virginia Tech Athletics is committed to excellence, both academically and athletically, and to the personal development of our students. In the spirit of Ut Prosim, we stand strong together to serve and represent our university and community with integrity and respect.


Marie Johnston | Women’s Soccer
Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise | Senior

The all-around, genuine support of the Virginia Tech Athletics Department instills good character and a desire to excel in student-athletes. There is no place I’d rather call home!

The Virginia Tech Student-Athlete Pylons of Promise sets forth our commitment to our student-athletes during their time at Virginia Tech and beyond.1 This Promise is based on the ideals emblazoned on the eight pylons at the Virginia Tech War Memorial Court and our athletics department’s guiding principles of INTEGRITY, SERVICE, HONOR, EXCELLENCE, STRONG TOGETHER.

Our shared commitments with our Virginia Tech student-athletes are as follows:



When earned, full athletics scholarships pay all costs of a student-athlete’s undergraduate education, including tuition, fees, room, board and books. Effective August 1, 2015, as part of our athletics-grants-in-aid, Virginia Tech will provide approximately $3,2802 for in-state student-athletes and $3,6202 for out-of-state student-athletes to cover the full allowable miscellaneous expense amount - better known to many as the cost of attendance “gap.”

Equivalency scholarships pay for specific elements (books, for example) and/or percentage of costs.3 While non-scholarship student-athletes do not receive full or equivalency scholarships, they receive all non-scholarship-related benefits provided to all student-athletes.


Athletics scholarships may be awarded on an annual or multi-year basis. Four-year scholarships are available for full equivalency scholarship student-athletes entering Virginia Tech. All scholarships set forth in writing the amount of the scholarship, the duration and any conditions of the award. Scholarship terms will be honored unless the student-athlete voluntarily leaves the team, renders himself or herself ineligible, or violates NCAA, ACC, university or department policies. Any reduction of a scholarship’s terms may be appealed to an independent panel. Scholarship terms will not be reduced because of a student-athlete’s injury, illness, or physical or mental condition which prevents or limits participation in athletics, nor on the basis of a student-athlete’s athletics ability or athletics performance.


Woody Baron | Football
Spanish | Senior

Integrity is the bedrock on which we choose to build our house of accomplishments. Structures built on the foundation of integrity cannot easily be torn down. They will weather the storms of time. Accomplishments built without integrity will easily fall. When harsh weather comes, they will be but feathers in the wind.

As a representative of this great institution, I try to build my legacy on a rock that will endure the tests of time. My preference is Hokie Stone.



Virginia Tech is committed to developing leaders. The Department of Athletics provides our student-athletes with a comprehensive, multi-faceted leadership development program which includes:


Matt Dauby | Baseball
Accounting | r-Senior

We consider service a daily priority just as we would our practices, workouts, and games. As athletes of Virginia Tech, we are put in a position to help make a difference in people’s lives, and that’s not something we take lightly.



With service and honor at our core, Virginia Tech develops student-athletes to be the best men and women they can be in an environment of trust and respect with a commitment to compliance. Virginia Tech follows the letter and spirit of NCAA, ACC and institutional rules. Through the Virginia Tech Principles of Community, we acknowledge the importance of diversity and inclusion and the extent to which they enhance the lives of student-athletes and the university. We encourage a healthy environment, free of prejudice and discrimination including demeaning language and physical, verbal and emotional abuse.


Whitney Stevenson | Women’s Golf
Human Nutrition, Foods & Exercise | Senior

Honor is a humbling practice. Our commitment to uphold the values our school was built on is our “thank you” to those whose names are etched in the Pylons at War Memorial. We recognize those who lived out honor and paid a price bigger than our own, so that we may continue to do what we love.



Virginia Tech provides quality academic support that aims to meet the unique needs of each student-athlete through the services and programming provided by Student-Athlete Academic Support Services (SAASS). Inclusive in this support is:


Virginia Tech will follow all NCAA concussion protocol and continue its landmark study of the topic. In 2014, Virginia Tech and two other schools were awarded a $30 million Department of Defense grant to study the effects of concussions and ways to combat them.


Virginia Tech assists all student-athletes in maximizing their athletic potential. This comprehensive support includes, (but is not limited to):


Virginia Tech is committed to protecting and enhancing the health, safety, and wellness of all of our student-athletes. These commitments include, (but are not limited to) access to:


Virginia Tech will provide student-athletes the opportunity to use the Student Assistance Fund annually to enhance their collegiate experience. This fund of approximately $425,000 annually is used to cover a wide range of student-athlete personal expenses within NCAA, ACC, and university guidelines.


Jaila Tolbert | Volleyball
International Business | Sophomore

Excellence at Virginia Tech is an attitude; the expectation that we, as Hokies, always strive to be better. Hokie Nation encompasses excellence and student-athletes work hard, both academically and athletically, to surpass goals and create new standards of excellence for the students that will succeed us. The resources provided to us help us make excellence a habit.

Strong Together


At Virginia Tech, student-athletes have a united voice that is recognized and valued by the athletics department. This voice is known as the Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC). Through SAAC, Virginia Tech student-athletes are expected to provide input on issues impacting student-athletes and their experiences on the campus, conference and national level.

Each team is assigned a sport administrator who will provide another resource for student-athletes. The sport administrator helps ensure the Virginia Tech student-athlete experience is positive, productive and adheres to these guiding principles.


As highly visible members of the Virginia Tech community, student-athletes are expected to conduct themselves, both on and off campus, in a manner which respectfully represents their family, team and Virginia Tech. They should at all times demonstrate good judgment and ethical behavior and are expected to adhere to the policies stated within the Hokie Handbook.

It is a privilege to represent Virginia Tech. Our student-athletes, coaches and staff share in this privilege and are expected to act with honor and respect in all that we do.


Brandon Fiala | Men’s Swimming & Member of the Voting Delegation at the 2017 NCAA Convention
Finance and Accounting | Senior

Here at Virginia Tech, we are 572 athletes strong but we are united together as 1 voice. We act as a single body with the goal of representing the Hokie Nation proudly. Together, we have the ability to continue the legacy of those who came before us and make a difference for those who come after us.