A Message from
the Director of Athletics

Greetings Hokie Nation,

Thank you for your support of Virginia Tech Athletics and our student-athletes! Whether you are a longtime member renewing your commitment, or a new supporter, the importance that your contribution plays in advancing opportunities for our current student-athletes and helping to build the future of Virginia Tech Athletics cannot be overstated. It is our goal and vision to become the preeminent program in the Atlantic Coast Conference and nationally celebrated in all facets.

However, our desire to be the best academically and athletically will not be possible without the continued help of Hokie Nation. This donor guide outlines a plan that will play a significant role in the future success of Virginia Tech Athletics. When the Virginia Tech Student Aid Association was first established in 1949, it was founded on the sole premise of providing scholarships for the student-athletes of Virginia Tech. It is vital to the future of Virginia Tech Athletics that scholarships continue to be the most important resource we provide our student-athletes, and for that reason, I am pleased to introduce our donors to the new programmatic structure of the Hokie Club.

The new Hokie Scholarship Fund program (detailed in the following pages) will bring us back to our roots of providing the young men and women who represent Virginia Tech Athletics ample opportunity to be successful first and foremost in the classroom, but also in competition and the community. As the landscape of college athletics has evolved over the last two decades, the financial investment required to provide scholarships for our student-athletes is at an all-time high. Due to increases in tuition, fees, and cost of attendance, the athletics scholarship bill for the 2015-2016 school year totals approximately $14 million, up from $8.9 million five years ago. With this in mind, I ask that every member of the Hokie Nation consider making an impact and giving through the Hokie Scholarship Fund program.

As you review this donor guide book, you will notice some improvements and modernizations. These new procedures apply a process that is fair, equitable, donor-centered, consistent with our ACC and Power 5 peers, and encourages involvement regardless of whether or not you desire season tickets.

If any questions arise while becoming acclimated with the material, please do not hesitate to contact the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund at (540) 231-6618 or

Finally, I would like to personally thank you for everything you have done and will continue to do to strengthen Virginia Tech Athletics. We are Strong Together! The future is bright, and together we can help prepare Champions for Life.

Thanks Again & Go Hokies!

Whit Babcock


Receiving a scholarship to attend Virginia Tech has allowed me to live out my childhood dream while meeting some of the best people! I couldn’t have done this without your support and for that I want to say thank you!

Vanessa Gonzalez | Junior • Softball
Human Development | Torrance, Calif.

The Future Support Of
Virginia Tech Student-Athletes

With the education and development of our student-athletes at the core of the Virginia Tech Athletic Fund, the progression and evolution of the Hokie Club will create a more sustainable model and enable Virginia Tech Athletics to continue to grow and be a national leader.

Currently, Virginia Tech is one of only a few schools within the ACC and the Power Five conferences that does not participate in a “per-seat” priority seating program in order to raise annual scholarship funds. Virginia Tech is also one of the few schools nationally that has not raised its annual donor giving levels over a significant period of time. Therefore, annual scholarship fund donations have remained fairly flat, while the cost to provide scholarships has rapidly increased.

Under the new Hokie Scholarship Fund program, season tickets in both Lane Stadium and Virginia Tech Carilion Court at Cassell Coliseum will have an annual per-seat minimum gift requirement that varies based upon section or location. With approximately 75 percent of scholarship funding coming from priority seating for football and men’s basketball, the Hokie Scholarship Fund program will provide an invaluable resource for Tech Athletics. Both Lane Stadium and Virginia Tech Carilion Court at Cassell Coliseum will undergo reseatings for the 2017 seasons.

* Previous reseatings occurred in 2004 and 2012

The Current Picture

The Changing NCAA Landscape

The landscape of intercollegiate athletics has vastly changed over the past two decades, as has the financial investment required to achieve excellence and to win championships. As the cost of scholarships has continued to rise, so too have expenses such as equipment, travel, nutrition, student-athlete development, strength and conditioning, and recruiting. We must grow and enhance our Hokie Club membership to continue our positive momentum.

ACC Donors

Participation Comparison (2014)

Number of
Living Alumni
Maximum Percentage of
Living Alumni Who Are
Athletic Donors
NC State205,40020,07710%
Florida State315,42527,0749%
Notre Dame127,5538,8227%
Wake Forest67,0655,0137%
Georgia Tech130,0007,0755%
North Carolina296,04611,7504%
Virginia Tech 238,16910,1584%
Boston College168,6516,5754%
Pitt 306,8218,0313%


There is strength in numbers: Building a championship culture starts with a strong commitment from our alumni and friends. Currently, Virginia Tech ranks 11th of 14 ACC members in annual scholarship fund dollars raised and fifth in total number of donors to athletics. NC State, Clemson and Florida State each have more than 20,000 athletic donors, which is double that of Virginia Tech. Also, while ALL friends of Virginia Tech are encouraged to participate, it should be noted only four percent of living Virginia Tech alumni currently give back to athletics. This ranks tied for 11th among our ACC peers. The following pages detail how you can personally make an impact and help us to be “strong together”! It is about our student-athletes; it is about competing at the highest levels.

ACC Annual Scholarship Fund

Dollars Raised Comparison (2014)

Figures for Notre Dame and Boston College not available


For the 2014–15 academic year, the scholarship bill totaled approximately $13 million, the highest mark in school history, and the annual scholarship fund dollars raised combined with the earnings from the athletic endowment were not enough to pay for the total expense ($9.8 million revenue from scholarship donations). Should this trend continue, Virginia Tech risks being placed at a disadvantage to other nationally prominent programs.

Virginia Tech

Athletic Scholarship Cost

Hokie Scholarship Fund Gifts Received
Scholarship Endowment Earnings (including Hokie Scholarship Fund Gifts)
Cost of Scholarships to the Athletics Department


Thank you to all our Hokie Club members for your continued generosity. Your support is invaluable to the ongoing success of Virginia Tech Athletics. While it’s easy to measure the cost of room and board or tuition, it’s impossible to quantify the value of a Virginia Tech education. Thanks to you, our student-athletes will experience moments they’ll cherish forever as they learn invaluable life lessons about themselves, teamwork and their field of study.

Justin Fuente | Head Coach Football.

The New Hokie Scholarship Fund Program

The new Hokie Scholarship Fund program is designed to address the need for increased funding for annual scholarship support of Hokie student-athletes.
All gifts given through this program will go directly to scholarship support. The overall program includes a new priority seating and parking program, exclusive donor benefits, priority point system, and a new and improved benefit
allocation process.

With the goal of elevating Virginia Tech Athletics’ ability to compete for championships while better meeting the needs of our student-athletes, the Hokie Scholarship Fund program comes as the result of more than a year of extensive research and analysis that included data collection from donors/season ticket holders, ACC peer institution review, a focus group, a national review of Power Five Conference institutions and a comprehensive look at schools recently implementing major football and/or men’s basketball priority seating changes.

How Scholarship Seating Will Work
Beginning in 2017, football and men’s basketball season ticket holders seated in designated “scholarship sections” throughout Lane Stadium and Cassell Coliseum will be asked to contribute a minimum per-seat scholarship gift each year to secure a priority location for season tickets for football and/or men’s basketball. Gift amounts will vary based on location within the stadium/coliseum.

The Hokie Club is also introducing a new and easier to understand priority point program and annual giving benefits chart that will present donors with additional benefits based upon their giving level, including (but not limited to) parking, exclusive event invitations, and the ability to purchase postseason tickets (please see pages 16 and 17).

The Scholarship Seating Program will officially launch in 2017 (please see pages 18 and 19 for other important dates). All donors who wish to be eligible for benefits are asked to make their gift to the Hokie Scholarship Fund by the March 31st, 2017 giving deadline. Donors will then be ranked based upon their priority points for a complete reseating of Lane Stadium, which will occur in May of 2017. All donors who wish to be eligible for benefits related only to men’s basketball will be asked to make their gift by June 30th, 2017.

Benefit Allocation Process
Priority Season Ticket and Parking for Football and Men’s Basketball
Seating for season tickets in football and/or men’s basketball will be based upon your priority points and making (at least) the minimum gift annually for “scholarship seat” locations. Parking will be based upon your priority points and meeting the minimum giving level to be eligible for a donor’s desired zone for football (please see pages 22-23). Priority points will be determined based upon the Hokie Club priority point system. Similar to previous years, season ticket and parking selections will take place during your assigned time slot using Ballena online selection technology.

Seating for Single Game, Away Game, Miniplans, Neutral Site, and Postseason Tickets
Donors who give at the top three scholarship fund giving levels (Hokie Stone, Hokie Scholar, Hokie Ambassador) will receive first priority for seating for single game, away game, miniplans, neutral site and postseason tickets for football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball with the Ambassadors receiving first priority, followed by the Scholars, and finally the Hokie Stone donors. The remaining tickets (if available) will be allocated throughout all other donor giving levels based upon donors’ priority point totals.

Other Benefits
All other benefits will be allocated first based upon donors’ annual Hokie Scholarship Fund giving level and secondly based upon their priority points. Please see the Benefits Chart on page 16 for detailed information.

The New Timeline

Hokie Scholarship Fund gifts received between January 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017 will apply toward 2017 deadlines and benefits detailed throughout this website.

Scholarship Fund gifts received after the deadlines may still qualify to receive season ticket priority and opportunity to purchase parking based on availability, but will forfeit their seating and parking from the previous year.

Hokie Scholarship Fund Benefits Chart: 2017-18

New In 2017
Orange & Maroon
Hokie Stone
Hokie Scholar
Hokie Ambassador
Pride and satisfaction in helping to fund Student-Athlete Scholarships
Quarterly Email Newsletter
Name Recognition on
Annual Membership Package
Subscription to Inside Hokie Sports
Hokie Club Store 10% Discount
Opportunity to purchase priority seating for Football and Men's Basketball
Opportunity to purchase away game football tickets
Opportunity to purchase postseason/neutral site tickets including
ACC Championships (Men’s and Women’s Basketball, and Football)
Opportunity to receive a parking pass for Men's Basketball
Opportunity to purchase a parking pass for Football
Men's Basketball Season Parking Pass Limit 11111122
Men's Basketball Season Tickets Priority Ticket Limit in 2017 Reseating 444466681012
Football Parking Zone EligibilityCCBBAAAAAA
Football Season Parking Pass Limit 1111111Zone A - 1
Zone B - 1
Zone A - 2
Zone B - 1
Zone A - 2
Zone B - 2
Football Season Ticket Priority Ticket Limit in 2017 Reseating 44446810121416
Bowman Room Access for Football
Bowman Room Access for Men's Basketball
Olympic Sport Event Invitation
Football and Men's Basketball Complimentary Printed Media Guide
Exclusive Football Pregame Experience
NEW IN 2017
Priority for single game, away game, miniplan, neutral site, and postseason tickets3rd2nd1st
Invitation to Annual Scholarship Dinner
Exclusive Travel Opportunities
Fully Funds an In-State Student-Athlete Scholarship
Exclusive Hokie VIP Experience
Fully Funds an Out-of-State Student-Athlete Scholarship

Based upon availability and allocated based on priority points
Subject to change based upon renovations in the Bowman Room

Please note that the new priority points system will be used to recalculate your current point total and donor rankings beginning in 2017-18. Previous years of giving and purchasing season tickets will be used in the calculation. Priority points will accumulate over the lifetime of a donor. Earned points may decrease if a donor does not donate to the Hokie Scholarship Fund and/or purchase season tickets in consecutive years. In this scenario, the donor will lose the consecutive years of giving/purchase priority points previously accumulated. However, all other points accumulated will not be reduced or eliminated.

Priority Points Program

The revised and simplified Hokie Club Priority Points Program will be utilized to reward both donor loyalty and generosity. Each donor’s priority point total will determine their priority ranking and play a determining factor in how various benefits are allocated, such as:

  1. Season ticket location selection order for football and/or men’s basketball
  2. Neutral site and postseason ticket allocation including ACC championships, NCAA tournaments, and bowl games
  3. Season parking selection order for football and allocation for men’s basketball

Note: Annual Hokie Scholarship Fund giving levels will also factor into parking selections and allocations.

Hokie Club Donors will receive priority points for the following activities:

2 Pointsfor every $100 cumulative giving to Virginia Tech Athletics$
5 Pointsper consecutive year of giving to the Hokie Scholarship Fund
3 Pointsper consecutive year of purchasing season tickets
(football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball)
1 Pointper purchased season ticket (football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball)
with a maximum of 16 points accumulated per sport, per year
1 Pointper neutral site or postseason event with ticket(s) purchased
(football, men’s basketball and women’s basketball)
5 Pointsper year of membership in the Student Hokie Club
50 Pointsfor being a former Virginia Tech letterwinner (one-time bonus)

* Online Calculator is meant to be used as an estimate; specific donor account calculations will be made available in the upcoming months.
The first points earned for consecutive years giving and tickets would be in a donor’s second year contributing or purchasing tickets. Donors will not have technically given or purchased in consecutive years until they have occurred in back-to-back years.


The scholarships given by our donors are of vital importance to the way we go about running our program. They allow us to present opportunities to young men to help them improve their lives and become not just better basketball players but better people. We are extremely fortunate to be able to work with such a caring group of donors and are thankful for their passion for Virginia Tech Athletics.

Buzz Williams | Head Coach Men’s Basketball.

Seating Chart

Lane Stadium


Hokie Scholarship Fund

Annual Gift Amount(s)

$800 Per Seat Minimum Gift

$600 Per Seat Minimum Gift

$350 Per Seat Minimum Gift

$200 Per Seat Minimum Gift

$100 Per Seat Minimum Gift

$50 Per Seat Minimum Gift

General Public
$0 Per Seat Gift Required

Club Seat Area
More Information on Club Seats


Visiting Team

Total Donation Amount: $
# of Tickets:

Seating Chart

Virginia Tech Carilion Court at Cassell Coliseum

Cassell Seating-Mens-Priced